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#328 Letting your little sister visit you at university

LETTING YOUR SISTER VISIT YOU AT UNIVERSITY - Once your big sisters leave for university, there’s a significant shift in the relationship again. There are no more walks to the convenient store to get chips and magazines, no after school hang out with shows, and no sleepovers in her room when you get scared from a nightmare. Things have changed. She’s growing up and has moved on to university. You have not. You are still stuck in the house, now by yourself to deal with your parents all alone. Your A-Team is gone, and things start to suck for you. You feel disconnected from them, and you know it’s going to be a few years before you get to see them again on a more regular basis; that is, if they are interested in hanging out with you at that point. Who knows, maybe they will have entirely different lives that are full, with little if any room left for you. As I said, this sucks. However, they are only a two-hour drive away at university, and every so often they invite you to come up for the weekend to visit and attend all the cool parties. As you are only fifteen-years-old, this is the coolest experience ever! Your sister is living in a house with her girlfriends and there are cute boys everywhere. She even lets you come up one weekend for Halloween, when it is acceptable to dress up very sexy, and she lets you have a few drinks. Is she the coolest or what?! You think that life could not get any better, and university must be heaven. You have the best weekend of your life, and don’t want to let go of your sister when it’s time to get back on train to go home.

So if you’re a big sister, just know that you are idolized by the ones who come after you, and let her come see you every once in awhile - because letting your sister visit you at university CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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