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#33 Swimming Laps

We know that exercise is good for us for a variety of reasons. But finding the right one for you is entirely something else. For some, exercising can be gruelling, even if you do have the soundtrack to Footloose or Flashdance cheering you on. Sometimes, finding the right activity for you can CHANGE EVERYTHING! Group exercise classes are NOT my jam (with the exception of taking a hip hop class, of course). But jumping up and down or stepping up and off a stair makes me want to hurl myself off a cliff. Okay, maybe not that extreme. Try to get me to take a pilates class and you won’t even notice I’ve snuck out five minutes later and am sitting by the smoothie bar eating a chocolate-chip muffin. But dancing to my favourite tunes, playing tennis and jogging are totally my thing. I love it. However, as I get very close to forty-years-old, my knees love it a little bit less. As a result, I needed an activity that would still give me a great cardio workout, but would also be easy on my old and fragile knees. Enter swimming – the perfect workout. While fulfilling all your cardio needs, swimming works every single muscle group at the same time. No need to work chest and back one and then arms and legs the other. Swimming tackles every single muscle group you’ve got. BAM! The only challenge with this activity is the need to wear goggles, which feels a bit nerdy. However, it’s totally worth it. Once you get in that pool and swim laps for half an hour in an Olympic-sized pool without having a heart attack, you are a true warrior! Don’t worry about your hairy legs. No one notices except for you. So grab your one-piece and get in the water because SWIMMING CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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