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#35 Building a dream catcher with your daughter

My kids mother, who is an incredible woman, wanted to the kids to have the same experience of summer camp as she did growing up. I supported it whole-heartedly. I spent the better part of my childhood summers at sleepover camp and made many lifelong friends and memories. So I was gung-go on our kids having those same adventures. However, they were still too young to start. The camp did offer what’s called a ‘Family Weekend’ when the parents could bring their kids and spend the weekend trying out a variety of activities. So the ‘sister wives’ as we call ourselves loaded the kids up in the car (along with their ipads) for the three-hour drive to camp. Their mother and I have a pretty remarkable relationship. But that’s an entirely different story altogether. You’ll have to wait for that book to come out.

When we arrived at camp, we unpacked our bags in the cabin, threw on bathing suits under our clothes and headed out for some adventure. We played baseball, basketball, tennis and swam in the lake before our five-year-old said she wanted to go to Arts & Crafts, my least favourite activity.

But this weekend was all about the kids. So off we went to Arts & Crafts to make a dream catcher, despite the fact that I am not crafty whatsoever. Somewhere along the way I discovered that I didn’t totally suck at it. But most importantly, I was having fun with my girl. She was smiling. Therefore, I was smiling. It was an incredible weekend, and when we finished unpacking when we got home, I discovered not only that my step-daughter put the dream catcher on her nightstand but that she clearly likes me as much as I thought. How about that.

Apparently, making a dream catcher with your daughter CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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