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#36 LED Potlights in the bedroom

Our home was built in the 1950’s and the woman living there before we moved in, had been there right from the beginning. Needless to say it needed A LOT of work. The house itself was a side-split bungalow that had four levels, which was a very cool layout because while we were never too far from each other, we still had the opportunity for space. When you first walk in to the home, you are accosted by thick-blue carpeting, yellow parquet flooring, and pastel-coloured tiles in the bathrooms. It needed an entire overhaul. However, as we are not made of money, we new that renovating would be a multi-phase approach and we needed to decide what was most important to tackle first. We decided to invest in the main living area, which we turned into a cottage-looking space of heaven. Every time I walk into our open-space main floor, I breathe just a little bit deeper. Every time I sit down in the corner of our white sectional, I look around and am so happy. It is blissful.

On the other hand, the rest of our house still looked like the perfect set for an episode of Madmen. So after two years, we decided to tackle the master bedroom, which looked like a young couple straight out of university had moved in together for the first time. There was a still a bed frame, mind you. But everything else was a smorgasbord of bedroom furniture collected from each of us over the years. The nightstands were different colours and sizes, the lamps were completely random (most likely taken from my parents when I left for university), and there was no headboard at all. However, I could deal with all that. What was slightly more challenging was not being able to see in my closet to choose clothes in the morning. There were no lights in the closets and the one light in the centre of the ceiling was less effective than using the light on my iphone, which I did use but had to put it down to put my clothes on. It was doable, and don’t get me wrong, we weren’t living in squalor. But when my husband brought home the L.E.D potlights and put six in the main bedroom and two in the closets, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The room was so much brighter and welcoming, and I could see every article of clothing.



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