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#37 Playing boardgames when they're at home sick

PLAYING BOARDGAMES WITH YOUR KIDS WHEN THEY’RE HOME SICK FROM SCHOOL – Of course you don’t want your kids to be sick. Above all else, you want them to be healthy and happy. But when they do come down with the flu and need to stay home in their cute little onesie pyjamas, you get to feed them chicken soup, snuggle with them (even though you’re probably getting the virus next) and play board games with them on the living room floor. The virus has made them a little tired, so they're slightly more subdued than the regular routine of running around the kitchen island screaming from the top of their lungs; which is just fine by you. The other special part of this experience is that there are no other children or partners around to force a division of your attention. It’s just you and your sweet little munchkin in pyjamas. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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