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#43 Sleeping Shades

SLEEPING SHADES – I mean, seriously. Who wants to wake up with the sunrise? Unless of course you’re on some romantic tropical island for the first time with the love of your life. Then you’re probably awake already because you have actually not gone to sleep, and are curled up on some rooftop, snuggled up to your love while watching the sun rise. Good for you! But for the rest of us who are old and need sleep, being rudely woken up before our bodies are good and ready is not cool. You can’t go back to sleep because the sun is still shining through your blinds. So you get up and spend the rest of your day walking around like an irritable zombie. Not good for anyone within a fifty-mile radius. Enter SLEEPING SHADES also known as sleep masks or eye masks, which are an affordable, natural way to help you get to sleep faster ... and stay asleep. They are intended to cover both eyes, keeping all incoming light away and help induce a state of pure darkness. Sleeping shades have a comfortable, elasticated strap that holds the mask on your head and blocks unwanted light from your eyes.

Sleeping shades allow you to get the quality sleep you need to avoid turning into an emotional-eating sloth the next day, and become a highly productive member of society. SLEEPING SHADES CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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