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#44 The Sound of Farts

I don’t care if you’re four, fourteen or forty-years old. Farts are funny. When someone makes a loud fart, people laugh. It’s completely involuntary. Whether it’s in your kindergarten classroom, your cabin at summer camp, or your bedroom with your partner, it’s difficult, if not impossible to not laugh. This is the very reason why the guy who invented the Whoopee cushion is living it large. Aside from the money he’s made from his genius product, he’s made millions and millions of people laugh. And that is amazing. Laughter is a form of therapy. Laughter is a full-scale workout for your muscles and unleashes a rush of stress-busting emotions. This is why I have a remote control in my office that has twelve different fart sounds that I use in session. You heard me right. You’ve got to know your client and pick the right moments. But when you do, it can help to start the healing process. So, don’t be shy if you have to toot. Every single person on the planet does it. Just try to avoid letting it rip at the dinner table with your entire extended family, or when you’re in a romantic moment in the bedroom; though I would argue here that sometimes breaking out into laughter with your partner in those moments can be some of the best times you ever have. And that CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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