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#50 Boyfriend Jeans

BOYFRIEND JEANS - I am NOT a model with long, skinny legs that make Victoria’s Secret recruiters want to knock on my door. It’s not a lack of confidence. It is merely a fact. I am five-feet-tall even. And I’m okay with that. As they say, good things come in small packages, like cheques, jewellery boxes, and Big Macs. However, what I’m not okay with is skinny jeans. I’m so over it! The reality is that they’re not really that comfortable. I’ve tried a number of different brands, and I admit that some are pretty soft. They give at the waist, which is extremely valuable to me because a) who is comfortable with jeans digging into their stomach causing discomfort, and unexpected, spontaneous gas? B) I am in a sitting position for the majority of the day. So having jeans that are soft make my work a lot easier. That said, I’m still not thrilled about jeans that essentially stick to my legs like glue at all hours of the day, and that show every single solitary curve I own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the gifts mama gave me and I’m proud that “my hips don’t lie”. I just don’t need to show them all the time.

This is why, I’m fairly certain, the ‘boyfriend’ jeans were invented. They do not cling to your body and show your money maker because they are loose and are incredibly comfortable. The day I first put them on at the store I thought my life had changed forever. I could bend down or even do a lunge or squat if I wanted to. There was absolutely no restriction whatsoever. There was no digging into my ovaries because the waist was sitting comfortably on my hips, allowing my stomach to breathe right from my abdomen. And once I paired the jeans with some ankle boots with a three-inch heel and a more fitted tank-top (As Gwen Stefani instructed), I was ready to rock. Who says you have to be uncomfortable to look good?


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