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#51 Client cancels the last appointment of the day

CLIENT CANCELS LAST APPOINTMENT OF THE DAY - There are many jobs that involve booking time with clients. Therapists, doctors, lawyers, massage therapists, acupuncturists just to name a few. We fill up our day with clients, knowing that at least one will cancel the same day as the appointment, which doesn’t leave you much time to refill that time slot. Thankfully, you have implemented a cancellation policy that prevents you from losing some of your bread and butter, which you’ll need to buy those boyfriend jeans I mentioned yesterday. Your financial status still safe, you now have an extra hour in your day. Or, if you’ve given yourself room in between clients, you may even have a two or three hour window. What do you do? You could catch up on notes and get some work done. But I’ve got a few better suggestions:

1. Go OUT for lunch. We are in such a culture of work, work, work that most of us don’t leave our offices, and instead, eat lunch at our desk. So get out, go sit at a restaurant and enjoy a meal while people watching.

2. Take a walk. Our bodies are not meant to sit for hours on end. They need to move. Your blood needs to circulate. So grab your hat and iphone, pull up your favourite album of the moment (Hamilton!), and get walking. You body and mind will thank you for it.

3. Take a nap. Seriously. We don’t get enough sleep. I’m not saying to take a few hours. You’ll likely be messed up later at bedtime if you do. But a quick twenty-minute power nap should be enough to recharge those batteries for the rest of the workday. So close the lights, curl up on the couch (if you’ve got one). Otherwise, put your head down on your desk, set your alarm and get some much-needed rest.

4. Go see a movie. Seriously. There’s very few things better than going to see a movie in the middle of the work week. It feels like skipping school and you get to see a movie (and popcorn)!

Sometimes your client cancels their last appointment of the day. And what does that mean? You are done an hour earlier than you thought and get to home an hour earlier. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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