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#55 Summer Camp

SUMMER CAMP – You must thank your parents for sending you to summer camp (despite the fact that this was most likely a break for them), during which you learned to poop in the woods, survive on a canoe trip without being eaten by a bear, ski on not just two but one ski, go a sailing trip for three days, and experience your first crush and first kiss. You sang songs in the dining hall, snuck over to the boys camp, ate junk food until you were sick on the first night of camp because you knew it would be taken away the following day. You learned how to windsurf, stern a canoe, make a tie dye t-shirt, sing in the play, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat,’ make copper bracelets, earn all your swimming badges, and get rid of your fear of spiders (because they’re everywhere). But most importantly, you made the best of friends, who are still your best friends today. Summer camp – CHANGED EVERYTHING!


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