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#61 Sisters

SISTERS – Sisters are the best! Seriously. When you’re little, you’re older sisters pave the way for all the cool things you get to do in life. Essentially, they break in your parents. It’s rough for the first born because your parents are nervous about everything and are slightly more overprotective and controlling. Your eldest sister has some serious barriers to break through. She has to break through the dating barrier, the ‘going-out-late’ barrier, the drinking barrier. It’s all up to her to pave the way for the rest of you. And that’s a lot of pressure for one person to handle. By the time the second sister comes along, your parents are a bit more comfortable with the whole deal. This ain’t their first rodeo. But they’re stressed because now there’s double the amount of kids, which turns into a slight form of chaos. One kid was great. But two changed things significantly. By the time the third comes around, they are in way over their heads and too sleep deprived to offer the same amount of energy as the first or second. It has simply been sucked dry by the first two, and they had already been sleep-deprived for four years. This works out somewhat well for the third born who is left to her own devices to determine what is right and wrong. Because her parents are too tired to punish her for breaking curfew, she doesn’t experience the same kick of rebellion, and so ends up coming home on time. They give her leeway and she respects those boundaries as a result. But it’s her older sisters who guide the way. They show her what classes to take in junior high and high school, the kind of people who have honourable values you want to hang out with, and the kind of fun you can have by being completely silly. But most importantly, your sisters give you their hand-me-down clothes, which is just about the coolest thing ever. Your oldest sisters, in your eyes, are the smartest, prettiest, and coolest people you know. So getting to wear their clothes is like putting a little bit of all that coolness onto you. You stand a little taller, feel a little stronger, and think just a little bit smarter. You kind of have super powers by wearing their clothes. That little boost in self-esteem makes you work harder in class, surround yourself with only the nice kids, and allows you to not give a crap when the ‘cool’ kids gang up on you and torment you for a few years. SISTERS CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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