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#62 When Sisters Let You Play

WHEN SISTERS LET YOU PLAY IN THEIR ROOM - Let’s be honest. If you’re a little sister, you’re not the coolest; at least according to your older sisters. Even if there are only two years in between you, there are things she is doing that you’re not quite ready for. While you’re still playing with Barbies, she’s reading Teen Magazines and gabbing on the phone to her friends about boys. You want to build a fort with all the cushions from the couches. She wants to build a fort too; just with the boy across the street. You want to play with her so badly, you’ll do anything. But she’s just not interested. I know all too well how Anna feels in ‘Frozen’ when she begs Elsa to ‘Build a snowman’. That song is just so sad. It makes me tear every time. However, if you wait just a couple more years, you will one day walk with your sister for half an hour to the nearest convenient store to buy comic books, tween magazines and sour cream and onion Ruffles chips before heading back home to hang out on her bedroom floor. Your relationship has changed forever, and you are now just a little bit cooler in her eyes. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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