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#63 When Your Sisters Become Your A-Team

WHEN SISTERS BECOME YOU’RE A-TEAM - One important thing to know about sisters is that they’ve got your back. Maybe when you’re younger they would trade you in for a chocolate chip cookie. But as you get older, you and your sisters become a team. Maybe it’s because you all realized that your parents are totally bonkers, and you’ll need to work together to survive it all. Whatever the reason, they have become your A-Team. They help you do your homework, let you crawl in their bed when you have a nightmare, and walk with you to school. Sometimes things can get bad for you. During your first year of high school, you fall hard for your crush. He’s your very own James Dean. He’s super cool, walks with a swagger, is not a spoiled rich kid, is friends with a variety of groups in school, and is actually really nice to you. All of this amounts to serious trouble for you. Your heart literally skips every time you see him, and your entire body heats up, right to your ears. It feels like there are massive speakers attached to your body so that you can hear and feel every heart beat. You become friends. Okay, you’ll take the ‘friend’ route. It’s a little disappointing he didn’t fall madly in love with you right out of the gate. But the friend route will suffice. You still get to walk home from school with him every day, watch Cheers after school, and not have to worry about any of the sexy stuff because you’re incredibly shy. So this works out quite well for you.

Until, of course, he gets a girlfriend. That’s when your world crumbles. He’s spending more time with her, which means less time for you. And your heart is broken for the first time. That’s when the A-Team of sisters come in. They’ve got your back. They keep you preoccupied with movies, long talks, and ice cream. And are also just a little unpleasant to him when they see him. They’ve got you covered.

Many years later, you finally meet the one in your thirties. And guess who’s there? The A-Team. Once again, your sisters come in, not to protect and defend, but to welcome the boy who finally won your heart; the one who wants to nourish your heart, celebrate your heart, respect your heart, and mend your heart whenever it gets broken again.

So honour your sisters because having your very own A-TEAM CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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