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#69 When your husband panels your wall

PANELLED WALL BY HUSBAND – When we moved into our home five years ago, nothing had been changed since the 1950’s. We’re talking yellow, parquet flooring, blue carpeting, and pastille pink, blue, yellow and burgundy tile in the bathrooms. It was all kinds of awesome. If the show Madmen was looking for a new set, this was it. So we decided we had 2 options: 1. Change the entire home, gut it all and design our dream home, or 2. Change absolutely nothing and start buying clothes from the 1950’s to match. While we decided on the former, costs would not allow us to do it all at once. So although our main room including the kitchen, living room and dining room all had a facelift, our bedroom and bathrooms remained a shmorgusboard of furniture collected along the years from both my husband and myself. We had completely different night stands – mine was short, small and white, while his was double mine in size and was a deep, aquamarine blue. A dresser stood along the wall that didn’t match any other piece in the room. And an elliptical (that had been used maybe once, if that) stood in the centre of the room, leaving a crawling space for me to get from the door to my side of the bed. It was a hot mess. But then we finally sold the elliptical (hallelujah!), bought matching nightstands measured accurately against the bed, which now holds all my favourite things including: books, hand cream, a candle, glass of water, a Joy doll from the movie Inside Out, and a headboard that looks like old wood, but without the splinters and at a fraction of the price of real wood. BOOM!

Before we put it altogether, my husband decided to panel the wall behind our bed. And boy am I glad that he did. Not only did I learn to use a nail gun (very empowering by the way) and laughed like a seven year old every time he said the word, “caulking”, but I gained an entirely new bedroom that looked like we lived by the beach. The room now has a cottage-like feel that made me breathe deeper, move slower, and sleep a little more peacefully.

Panelled walls – CHANGED EVERYTHING.


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