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#70 Whoopee Cushion

WHOOPEE CUSHIONS - A whoopee (or whoopee) cushion, also known as a farting bag, windy blaster, poo-poo cushion, and Razzberry Cushion, is a practical joke device involving flatulence humour, which produces a noise resembling human flatulence. It is made from two sheets of rubber that are glued together at the edges. There is a small opening with a flap at one end for air to enter and leave the cushion.

The whoopee cushion was invented in the 1920’s by the JEM Rubber Co. of Toronto, Canada (Woo woo!) by employees who were experimenting with scrap sheets of rubber. The owner of the company approached Samuel Sorenson Adams, the inventor of numerous practical jokes and owner of S.S. Adams Co., with the newly invented item. Adams said that he item was “too vulgar” and would never sell. HA! Now, that’s a joke. JEM Rubber offered the idea to the Johnson Smith Company which sold it with great success. Obviously. Who doesn’t like a fart joke?

So here are the steps to effectively using a whoopee cushion:

1. Identify your victim. He or she can be someone who needs a laugh or the laugh can be purely for your benefit. Isn’t it always though? Friends, sibling, parents are always good targets. But teachers, bosses and grandparents can be great victims too; just make sure to avoid those with any heart conditions. There’s no need to induce any heart palpitations here. This is all in good fun.

2. When your selected victim has left the room or you’ve excused yourself to the washroom, this is when you inflate it with air and then place it on a chair you know your unsuspecting victim will sit on. This may require you to pretend to give them a hug so that you can get close enough to them without seeming creepy, before swiftly place the whoopee cushion on their chair.

Standby while your victim sits on the chair, forcing air out of the opening, which causes the flap to vibrate and create a loud, flatulence-like sound. I dare you NOT to laugh.

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