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#73 Cream Soda Freezie

CREAM SODA FREEZIE – Everyone knows that cream soda freezies are a hot commodity. I mean, of course people have different preferences when it comes to flavours of their Freezie, but there’s no denying that the cream soda is a fan favourite. When lining up at snack time at summer camp, you were fully aware that if you didn’t get to your counsellor on time, there is no chance that a cream soda freezie or a blue freezie would be left in that bag. You know it and I know it. If you didn’t get your sorry little butt there to be first or second in line, you were most likely left with red, orange or purple. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional orange and grape freezie on a hot summer day. But when there’s cream soda as an option, there’s no contest. So now when I hit up the convenient store to treat myself to a Freezie in those warm summer months, I do not PASS GO or COLLECT $300 before I grab myself a cream soda. It’s perfectly satisfying and triggers all those summer camp memories as a shy, awkward and crazy pre-teen.

Cream Soda Freezies – CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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