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#77 First Shower After a Camp Fire

THE FIRST SHOWER AFTER A NIGHT SITTING AROUND THE CAMP FIRE. As I mentioned earlier in the series, my husband and I host monthly jam parties at our home. It’s a time for all the adults to get baby sitters, pick up some alcoholic beverages, chips, and throw the guitar in the car. Chairs are positioned around the fire pit and tiki torches are lined up from the back door of the house to the fire pit ,leading the way to song, s’mores and camp fire smells. After a few hours of belting out Neil Diamond, The Band, The Beatles, James Taylor, Harry Chapin, and even a few Broadway hits, everyone is warm, happy, and covered in that camp fire smell. At 1:00am (we are over 40 after all), it’s time to go home. But when you wake up the next morning and hop into that hot shower, all the delicious smells of the burning wood come back, filling you with satisfaction and delight.

Post camp-fire shower CHANGES EVERYTHING


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