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8- Nutella Banana Wrap

NUTELLA BANANA WRAP – Every so often, my husband magically appears in the bedroom and presents me with a warm Nutella, banana wrap that has been put in the sandwich presser for a few minutes. It’s the perfect temperature, with the Nutella oozing out of the sides. You hear the faint whisper of the dessert calling out to you. “I am yours to enjoy. Savour every bite, every taste, every sensation. And, do not waste one second feeling guilty because you’re sharing it.” Which is exactly what I do.

So if you’re a smart man who already recognizes and accepts that a ‘Happy Wife is a Happy Life,” go make your woman a warm Nutella-banana wrap, because when you do, you will make her happy. And what does she do with that happiness? She multiplies that happiness and gives it right back to you. Whether it’s your own break from the kids, time out with the friends, or a little lovin’ that night, you better believe it’s coming back to you.



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