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#80 That First Step into Warm Sand

THAT FIRST STEP INTO WARM SAND – You work hard. We know you do. You know you do. Every so often, you need to reward yourself with a little getaway to the beach. The one you choose is entirely up to you. Just remember to pack your bathing suit, sunscreen, hat, flip flops and a couple of books to keep you entertained as you lay in your beach chair while listening to the sounds of the waves and drinking your Bahama mama – a perfect blend of a pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri. However, before you get in that chair, you need to make your way from the hotel, across the bridge towards the ocean and into the sand. Now, this is important so pay close attention. Once you cross that bridge, you must take off your flip flops before you take that first step into the warm sand. I repeat, you must take off your flip flops. When you take that first step into the warm sand, your feet are filled with warmth which works its way up your entire body, soothing and relaxing every single muscle in your body. The feeling of taking that first step into warm sand – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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