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#82 Slip-on Converse

SLIP-ON CONVERSE – Mornings are busy when you’ve got to get kids to school. Things are always on the chaotic side, no matter how much time you give yourself. You’ve got to get them out of bed, even though they have their own alarm clock, get them dressed, downstairs for breakfast while you’re actually making breakfast, make sure they eat while you make their lunches and empty the dishwater (at the same time), ensure they brush their teeth and finally apply sunscreen before it’s time to get shoes on. It’s a mad house. But you’ve done it, they’re all ready to hit the road and you can now finally exhale. But suddenly, as if out of nowhere, someone has to make a poop. Argh! You were so close! But now you’re late, despite the fact that you even padded extra time for the sudden poop. You don’t have a minute to spare. Poop complete, you haul ass to the front door and get everyone’s shoes on. You focus on getting the kids shoes on, and finally look around for your own. You certainly don’t have time for laces, and it’s not the right weather for flip flops or Uggs. What do you do?! No time. No time! You spot the grey shoeless Converse, slip your foot in while bending the heel to create a backless shoe, and run out the door.

Your new slip-on Converse have not only saved you time, but have alleviated the hassle of sticking your index finger in the heel to help get your entire foot in the shoe. Time saved. Finger saved. Kids to school on time.


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