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#83 Hand-me-down clothes from your sister

HAND-ME-DOWN CLOTHES FROM YOUR BIG SISTER – Older sisters are the coolest! I am the luckiest baby sister in all the land. I have two older sisters who are about the most amazing people I’ve ever met. My eldest sister is not only crazy smart, but she’s super fun to party with, laugh with and cry with. She incredibly ambitious, has got serious mad skills with a needle (she’s in the aesthetic medicine business), and she’s beautiful on top of it all. She looks remarkably like Reese Witherspoon. My other sister is similar in many ways but also vastly different. While equally intelligent, she put her skills towards helping to develop policies to protect the rights of women and children around the world. Not too shabby, huh? I brag about her whenever I can. In addition to paving new paths for women and children, she’s been a great companion to travel with and see some of our favourite musicians perform live. Concerts are sort of our thing. So you see, I idolize both of them. They are my mentors, my best friends, my guides. So as a kid needing clothes, I was all too happy to accept my sisters hand-me-downs. It was as if they were magic clothes, making me feel somewhat smarter and more confident the minute my head popped through that 1980’s Michael Jackson shirt. Gone was the shy, insecure twelve-year-old, replaced with a sassy, confident pre-teen with nothing standing in her way.

So, don’t you worry about getting hand-me-downs. Embrace them and relish in all the super powers they hold. ROCK ON!


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