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#84 Pre-drinks with the girls

PRE-DRINKING WITH THE GIRLS – Going out on the town for a night with the girls is the best. There’s bar hopping, skipping the line because one of your girlfriends has an ‘in’ with the bouncer, making an arrangement with the bartender to drink for free provided you dance on the bar (don’t’ gotta ask me twice), and finally, the late-night eats after a few hours of dancing to Beyonce, J.Lo and Justin Timberlake. Make no mistake, a night out with the girls is probably the best part of being in your twenties. However, it’s the activities that take place prior to hitting up that first bar that really makes the night super sweet. So here are the proper steps for implementing the perfect pre-drinking party:

1. Select the right outfit that will give you enough breathing room to dance it out and sit on your friends couch without feeling like your jeans or skirt is digging into your stomach, causing discomfort and leaving no room for the chips, eaten to absorb the mass quantities of alcohol you will be consuming over the course of the evening.

2. Eat dinner. You will need to have food in your stomach or you will not make it through the night without puking either at your friends house (which is just not polite considering she offered to host at her house), or in taxi along the way to the bar, which is just not cool.

3. Remember to stop at the liquor store to pick up your favourite flavoured vodka, along with some type of mixer. Raspberry-flavoured vodka or mango-flavoured vodka mixed with sprite is always a good choice. Don’t forget to stop at the convenient store to grab some chips, pretzels, gummies or chocolate. Trust me, you’ll want this as your drinking. Besides which, it’s always courteous to bring a gift to the host of the pre-drink.

4. Sit back, relax, put your phone away, and enjoy your time with the girls. Let the laughter and bonding ensue because once you hit the bar, you will move in different directions of the bar, some to the dance floor, some to the bar, some to the bathroom to puke, and others to flirt with random guys. So savour the pre-drink phase of the evening, my friends, because that’s when the bonding happens. And female bonding CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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