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#87 Hot chocolate after a few runs on the hill

HOT CHOCOLATE AFTER A FEW RUNS ON THE SKI HILL – Let’s be honest here. You don’t like the cold, getting on and off the chair lift scares you, and you’ve got very little circulation to your hands and toes, despite the proper gear. But you go for a few runs with your family to share their love of skiing and tell yourself that this counts as exercise. However after a few runs, you’ve shared in the experience, built some memories and are now ready to warm up in the chalet. And what better way is there to warm up than enjoying a full, steam, marshmallow-filled cup of hot chocolate. The second the chocolatey-goodness hits your tongue, (that is, if you don’t burn your tongue), the warmth of the drink makes its way down your throat, through your chest, into your stomach, down your legs and right down into your little frost-bitten toes. Your entire body heats up, leaving any ounce of cold on the slopes behind you. So find yourself a leather chair, curl up and enjoy that hot chocolate. You deserve it!


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