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#89 First scoop out of a freshly packed container

FIRST SCOOP OUT OF A CONTAINER OF FRESHLY-PACKED ICE CREAM - There’s just something about ice cream. It’s cold, it’s creamy, it’s sweet. Adults and children alike enjoy a good bowl of ice cream. Which is why I had ice cream in my freezer all year round growing up as a kid. Of course summer was the best time to have ice cream because it was a great way to cool down. But seriously, do you really need that excuse to have ice cream? In our house the fan favourites were Baskin & Robbins ‘World Class Chocolate’ and ‘Jamoca Almond Fudge’. Whatever your favourite, everyone likes to be the first one to dip that silver spoon into the soft, creamy container of freshly-packed ice cream. So go buy yourself a pint of your favourite frozen treat, grab a large or small silver spoon (depending on how long you want that ice cream to last), and curl up under a blanket with your favourite show. Just don’t forget to sing the ice cream song made famous by Eddie Murphy. “I got some ice cream, and you don’t have none. You can’t afford it. Your dad’s on welfare. Want a lick? Sike!”


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