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#91 Waking up to your jam

WHEN YOU’RE ALARM GOES OFF, WAKING YOU UP TO EITHER ‘WALKIN’ ON SUNSHINE’ BY KATRINA AND THE WAVES, OR ‘MMMM BOP’ BY THE HANSON BROTHERS. Some of you will want to hit snooze. I understand. Others will want to throw your alarm across the room, hoping it shatters into a thousand tiny little pieces. And yet there is another group of people, including myself, who will experience an involuntary need to rip the covers from your body, stand up on the bed carefully because you’re still half asleep, and DANCE IT OUT! Do not feel shame my friends. While you may be the minority, know that you are NOT alone. Your partner on the other side of the bed may be displeased and wrap a pillow around his or her head to block the noise, or he/she may try to take you take you down by your ankle. But you cannot be stopped. The music compels you shake your groove thang, wave your arms in the air, and sing out, “Now I’m walkin’ on sunshine, whoa, I’m walkin’ on sunsine whoa, I’m walkin’ on sunshine whoa, and don’t it feel good!”

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