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#95 Canoeing across the lake in the morning

CANOEING ACROSS THE LAKE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING – As a kid on a canoe trip in Ontario’s famous Algonquin Park, canoeing first thing in the morning is not the greatest. The trippers have woken you up at some unholy hour, after a restless night of tossing and turning out of fear of being eaten by a bear. And now you’ve got to pack up the tent, wash the pots from breakfast in the lake, and then set out for an eight-hour journey across the lake. Jumping off the cliffs into the water, roasting marshmallows by the fire, and singing songs are where it’s at for a kid.

However, as an adult, heading out into the canoe first thing in the morning is heaven. If you’re lucky, everyone else is still asleep, which means that you can take out the canoe by yourself and enjoy some solitary time. Just you and the open water. When you walk down to the lake, the water looks like a sheer piece of glass. There’s not a single ripple. You slowly seat yourself in the stern of the canoe and push yourself out, ready to take on the seas. Not a single soul or boat on the water, you take in a deep breath and make that first satisfying ripple with your paddle. Ahhhhhh. Another deep breath in and exhale out. Your heart rate slows as you take in the calm waters and surrounding lush green trees. Is this heaven? I’m thinking yes. So get out there on the lake and enjoy mother nature. Just don’t forget your life jacket. Happy paddling!


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