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#97 Midnight Specials at Summer Camp

MIDNIGHT SPECIALS! – There are many incredibly things to do at overnight summer camp, such as skiing, sailing, surfing, dance, swimming, food fights, canoe trips, camp plays, and staying up all night hanging out with the girls while eating all the junk food your parents let you bring. But there is one activity that stands out apart from the rest and that is the Midnight Special. Here’s how it goes down. Most likely you are in your bed fast asleep by eleven. Around midnight your counsellors come bursting through the door screaming, “MIDNIGHT SPECIAL!” You jump out of bed, though you are still seventy-five percent asleep, and hit your head on the bunkbed while trying to stand up. You hold on to your wounded brain while trying to steady yourself on your two feet and try to find your shoes. You haven’t got a moment to lose. It’s a MIDNIGHT SPECIAL! And the boys will be there too. Good thing you’ve got your cute one-piece pajama on with the flap in the bag. Must remember to make sure that back flap is securely fastened. There’s no need for anyone to see your underwear, even if it does have the cutest little pink and red hearts.

With sleep still in your eyes, you smack your face a few times to wake up and head out the cabin door with your girls towards the dining hall. Thankfully, your cabin is right behind the hall so you make it there in record timing – three minutes flat. As you open the swinging doors, you stand still and take in the scene before you. The entire dining hall has been covered in streamers, and it appears as though a carnival has managed to wedge its way into your camp. There are booths set up all around the hall, including the apple bobbing station, the kissing booth, the cotton candy machine, the old-fashioned popcorn maker, the ring toss station, face-painting, the weight-guessing station, and finally, the ice cream station filled with make-your-own sundaes. OMG! OMG! OMG! The dance music is pumping, and the only decision you need to make is which station to visit first. For me, it’s the ice cream station. When there is chocolate ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and mini Reece’s pieces peanut butter cups on the table, the answer is ALWAYS ice cream. Whatever your preference, there are three things you need to know about Midnight Specials:

1. Always sleep with one eye open just in case.

2. Make sure to wear cute pajamas, and if you’ve chosen the onesie, make sure that button is closed; or at the very least, ensure you’re wearing awesome underwear.

3. Have fun until you collapse!



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