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3 - Electronic Toothbrushes

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Changing dental hygiene forever.

ELECTRONIC TOOTHBRUSHES – I mean, seriously.  Albeit a little late to the game, my husband bought me my first one when I was thirty-seven years old.  He was in shock that it took me so long to get onboard the electronic toothbrush train.  I figured if my bi-annual (annual) dentist visit sent me on my way with a manual brush, it was good enough for me. Are we really that lazy that we can’t move our hand back-and-forth along our teeth that we need a motor to do it for us? I was worried it was a slippery slope. Who knows, next we’ll be crushing our breakfast into a blender to avoid actual chewing. Oh oh.  We are in serious trouble, though I do love my blueberry smoothies.  That said, I ventured to give the electronic tooth brush a chance. “C’mon, you know you’ll like it,” my husband goaded me like he does every time he brings home chocolate peanut-butter cups.  I caved, and It CHANGED EVERYTHING! *


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