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#330 Husbands Tshirts

HUSBAND’S T-SHIRTS - My husband is a t-shirt wearing enthusiast. But not just any t-shirt. He likes fun t-shirts with either anything from Star Wars or something funny written on it, such as ‘Property of my hot wife’. That one is my favourite. He definitely has more t-shirts than me. But finding them is not as easy. In fact, every time he shops online for the kids, he always complains that they have the best ones. “Why can’t they make these in adult sizes?” he asks. For years he’s been ordering the kids t-shirts that he would wear if only they had his size. But then, one magical morning, the lightbulb finally turns on. He realizes that he can simply copy the design and take it to someone who prints t-shirts. He looks up at me with eyes of a child who has just found out he is going to an amusement park and exclaims, “THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!”


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