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#39 Mother's Day and Apple Pie

MOTHER’S DAY PRESENTS AND APPLE PIE – Last Mother’s Day, my husband and kids got me a puzzle that was made from a picture of the four of us when we had gone apple picking earlier that fall. In the picture we were all snuggled up together in our puffy, fall coats with fresh apples in our hands and the orchard behind us. I remember riding on the wagon to find our favourite apples to pick. I followed the kids walking tree to tree, helping them to reach each one. Once we’d collected enough to start an apple sauce business, we headed back to the work shop to make our own fresh apple pie. We helped the kids peel the apples, sprinkle on the cinnamon and decorate the crust with our initials. The smiles on their little faces were joyous, and they beamed with pride at their finished product. We took the pie home (hopefully in one piece by the time we get there), and threw it in the oven. The delicious apple cinnamon smell filled the house as the kids ran around in excitement asking every two minutes if the pie was ready. When the timer went off, we sat down together at the kitchen table and enjoyed our homemade pie and vanilla ice cream while talking about our fun day at the apple orchard. I knew there will be a day when they will no longer want to go to the apple orchard with us. But until then, I will enjoy each and every moment because sometimes Mother’s Day Presents and Apple Pie CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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