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#40 Movie in the middle of the work day

SEEING A MOVIE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORK DAY – I love movies! Always have. Always will. I like them especially when they’re not total crap. But even the mediocre ones can be great and here’s why. Aside from providing entertainment for ninety to one hundred and twenty minutes, movies are a great temporary escape from everyday life. For that brief time period, you get to join someone else’s story and take a break from your own. The mind is an incredibly active muscle, and when it’s in constant motion with thoughts and worry about what needs to get done today, tomorrow, next week, and next year, it goes into overdrive and breaks down. We often think about something stressful that’s already happened that cannot be changed, something hurtful that was said to us that continues to ruminate, or something that needs to be said that may be difficult to hear or that may lead to a challenging path. The list of things the brain processes daily is endless and it can go into overdrive if we’re not careful. While there are a variety of different strategies to care for our mental health including physical exercise, meditation, and journaling, going to the movies provides you with a temporary time-out from the madness of your mind. You can become the hero of a film, who needs to kick some ass before rescuing the people she loves, the socially awkward character who falls head over heels in love for the first time, or a young woman dealing with the drama of her crazy family; the last one providing an opportunity for you to bawl your eyes out, which is sometimes exactly what you need to do. Crying is a wonderful healing strategy. It’s a healthy way to release emotions, instead of going on a killing rampage, or eating the entire contents of your kitchen. Laughter is another form of therapy that helps to release good feelings. So go see a comedy, a drama, a romance, or an action movie because sometimes you just need a break. And seeing a movie in the middle of the work day does just that, in addition to making you feel like it’s really special because ‘you’re skipping school.’

Once you’re at the theatre, get yourself a ‘SCENE’ card, because one day when the cashier tells you that ticket is free because you’ve got enough points, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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