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4 - Power washing the kitchen windows

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

I can see clearly now

POWER WASHER ON THE KITCHEN WINDOWS – Standing from the kitchen sink, one would normally have a view of our beautiful backyard; one of the main reasons we bought the house.  When we came to see the house for the first time in winter, we walked around back with our kids (two and four at the time) and stared at the glorious yard that had enough space for us to play a soccer game, baseball game, build twenty snowman (if we were slightly insane) or put in a swimming pool (if money grew on trees). There was no shortage of opportunities the yard offered, and watching the kids run around chasing each other sealed the deal.  We signed the papers, moved in, and let the good times roll.  As the kids grew older, they were allowed to play in the back by themselves, provided someone was watching.  Most often I would stand at the kitchen sink while either making lunch, washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher.  However, the windows became completely clouded with dirt, as they hadn’t been washed most likely since the 1950’s.  The children looked like little blobs of filth running around the yard and I couldn’t see a spec of our beautiful, foliage-filled backyard.  Enter power washer which CHANGED EVERYTHING!  Now I can see every tree, branch and leaf, as they dance to the sounds of the bird’s music.  I can see the children playing on the playground, flying down the green, bumpy slide and swinging high above the trees on the swings.  I can see their smiling faces having fun and laughing.  Power washers – CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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